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pls the name of this song

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2024 8:17 am
by ahhhhhh_hk
Ok, about this song, I just remember a little bit of the video and the lyrics of this one, the video was of a man in a short pink dress and he had the "head" (as if it were a full suit but only the head) of Hello Kitty, if you have ever seen Hello Kitty (Japan i think?) Hotel there are some presenters who have this on, It also gives vibes about that video where a Hello Kitty balloon appears with melancholic essence, who walks alone, I don't know if that clip appears in the music video but it's to give you an idea. So, the video is kind of messy, confusing and has cuts in many scenes, because you can notice low quality and it looks like it's in some green tones, in the video as I was saying, the man has a bat, I think, and he starts to destroy anything, it's kind of a violent video, but The lyrics are the same, It went like this:
"I WANNA SEE U HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE (and so on and so forth) I think then followed a rap part by another rapper or singer, that said "b*tch if i die (...)"
I can't really imagine how I can't find this song, since it was popular at some point, I know, because it was used in edits, but now I can't find it, as if it had disappeared lol.
The video was on YouTube and I THINK it had the name 'HATE' in the title, but now that I search it up it's just another song that has the same vibe but I feel like it's very different from what I'm looking for
The genres of this song could be described as, rap, indie, electronica, and a bit of rave?, I just remembered that in one part the song slows down and then the main rapper raps.
Thats it, i really want to find this song. :?: