Royalty-free music recognition

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Royalty-free music recognition

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Anyone know a service that can identify royalty-free music?
i.e. those come from free libraries, such as YouTube Music, MusMus, Peritune, etc.

ACRCloud, SoundHound/Midomi, Shazam... are unable to find ~90% of those (or give incorrect results, that are the same music but edited to have vocals, high/low pitches, extra instruments), and I tend to have a lot of those as .mp3 files, mostly either from random videos or games (flash, HTML5 or video game)

One example is: ... 74437.html
ACRCloud and Shazam gives the result "Scott's L.A. - Griffith Park & Greek Theater", but that's not it; that uses the same music but has one talking. (the music is supposed to be instrumental)

The result not being accurate it's a huge problem^^
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