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Looking for name of band

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Hey how goes everyone. I'm new here and hopefully doing this right.
So I have a couple bands that I am looking for name of,
I know some of the lyrics and hopefully someone knows who it is, I've been looking & asking for over 2 decade lol no joke. So the music has to be mid 90's, 94-99 as I heard them on a local college radio station that played metal Friday nights.
Not genres are metal, thrash metal.
First band...kinda sounds like Metal Church stuff but not the classic albums.
What I recall of the lyrics if at all are what I recall of the chorus.. so here it goes...

In the night I wander
Where my life is heading to
And in my search for answers
I am blinded by the truth

That's all I can recall.

Here is a second song I recall and very sure it's the same band, again the chorus part.

I build a wall around the soul
To me we let you know
I built a cage around the heart to never let you go
These are the secrets of the damned
Living inside of them
Something something
The secrets of the damned...
Of the damned

***note** (holding vocal note for a good length of time at that.with the last word said)

Ok here is a second band. This I can say is more later 80's to early 90's era and more thrash metal like.

It seemed to been a song about drinking and getting super drunk. Had a weird structure to it like a later Nuclear Assault album. All I can remember clearly for words was something about taking another drink, slamming down the glass, filling it up again and the last of the verse or whatever it was, about "seeing the devil in the bottom of the glass"

That's all I have. I really hope someone knows this stuff, I need to find this out sometime in this life time lol
This can't go an unsolved mystery lol
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