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Language filters

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As we all know, lyrics are very often the key to find a song.
Very often it also happens, that people are looking for songs in languages which are not their native language.
There are many samples with titles or descriptions like "italian pop" or "english rock" or "german song" and so on and so on.
That's where people who speak other languages come in handy.

Problem is, you don't have any option to find open samples that refer to a specific language.
You can of course use the google search and search for "italian" or so, but that will give you all hits with "italian" on this page, also samples that already have been identified, which makes looking for open samples a pain in the ass.

I wish there was a filter on this site that simply lets you select "open samples having italian in title or description" for example, that enables you to find all open samples that refer to the language that is your native language.

Sure the language referred to in title or description isn't always correct, but that won't matter much in my eyes.

Point is, that a filter like that would help to identify a lot more songs, cause you could search target-oriented for open songs in your native language.
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